Grand Junction bands are just like the rest of us, they have a Christmas wishlist too. From Tim + Richard to ZOLOPHT, this is what our local musicians want for Christmas.

First things first, Tim + Richard are asking for world peace for Christmas. They also would like to tour full time with an audio, lighting and merchandise team. Tim + Richard have a gas card, food, a small trailer and a professionally recorded album on their Christmas wishlist.

Here's another Grand Junction band that has peace on earth on their Christmas wishlist. ZOLOPHT, much like Tim + Richard, would like free studio time to record their new album.

Shea & Larren would like a 2019 Gibson Hummingbird studio acoustic electric and to spend time with their family and friends. This Grand Junction band would also like a Behringer XR-32 digital mixing board. That equipment adds up.

This Grand Junction band wants Kmart to come back because there's just nowhere like it. Bronco Country would also like a Neve Genesis Black to record music. They're also big on creating custom clothing so they're looking into developing 'artisanal Crocs.'

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