As we grow older and change, our wants and priorities change along with it. Here is my grown up Christmas wish list. (If I actually made one, this would be it.)

My grown up Christmas list (cue whichever version of that song you like) has a few materialistic things and a few other things that aren't exactly tangible.

  • 1

    Mad Props

    This is something I need to work on -- giving myself more credit. It's always good to strive for greatness but it's also good to give yourself props. It's a crazy life we live and you and me both deserve mad props for living it.

  • 2

    Gift Card-ing

    This is highly ironic that I'd choose gift cards for my Christmas Wishlist, because I use to refuse to give them to others. I thought they were highly impersonal and now I understand their appeal. Let me do the thinking (cat food or clothes?) you just do the gift card-ing.

  • 3

    Cash Money

    Another form of basically giving someone a gift card, is giving them that cash money. These dolla dolla bills y'all, I do accept y'all. Plus it's another low maintenance gift for others to give you -- or me.

  • 4

    Spa Day

    'Spa Day' already sounds expensive, so I'll take a facial, massage or mani/pedi. Anything that leaves me feeling relaxed and pampered, is something I'm really wishing for this Christmas.

  • 5

    Judge It Down

    Judge it down as in tone it down with the judgement. Every single person is different, from how we think to how we feel. I wish everyone could be less judgmental of each other. I think it's one of the worst qualities out there.

  • 6


    I've been thinking about a Cajun Filet Biscuit with Bo Rounds and sweet tea since I left North Carolina. If a Bojangles' could just pop up somewhere in Grand Junction, specifically near the Safeway on Horizon, that'd be great.

  • 7

    Scratch Offs

    I absolutely love scratch off tickets and it seems like Colorado does too. Conveniently, there are a lot of Christmas themed scratch offs out there right now. If only -- I could scratch them off.

  • 8

    Count On

    More reliability is something I'd really like from others for Christmas. I can't stand it when you're listening to someone, knowing that what they're saying won't come to fruition. Or relying on someone and getting letting down, let's stop that.

  • 9

    It's What Inside That Counts

    I never thought I'd actually want these for Christmas, but here I am putting socks and undergarments on the list. And if you're unsure what kind to get -- it's time to get gift card-ing.

  • 10

    Life Is a Beach

    In my dream I had last night I literally dreamed about paradise. In Colorado, I've got the forest surrounded by snow-capped mountains covered, but I've been missing the beach. I saw white sand beaches with crystal blue waters. A trip to the beach is definitely on my Christmas wish list.

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