My Grown Up Christmas List

Christmas is every kids favorite holiday. Beautiful lights, delicious food, and of course presents. All of that put together you can see why children love Christmas.

That doesn't mean that as adults we don't wish for presents too. I know for a fact that I have a list of things that I would want for Christmas.

Instead of giving you my full list of things that I want, I am only going to choose a few gifts that would make me extremely excited to get.

Xbox One X

Just because I am an adult doesn't mean I don't like to have fun. Video game consoles are one way I can still be a kid at heart. Getting a new gaming system would be an amazing gift that would last me for years.


This is one present as a kid that I always rolled my eyes with. Being an adult with a small zoo full of animals in my house, I never seem to have enough of either. Stockpiling socks and underwear is what I need to do so I know I have enough of them,

Broncos Tickets

Getting Broncos tickets to me would be an amazing gift. I have actually never been to a Bronco game but have been a lifelong fan. I wouldn't even care about where the seats are. Just being at the game would be an incredible experience. All thanks to that awesome present I hope to get.


Building and owning your own house is pretty hard. So getting a  new refrigerator would be an amazing gift. Mine is currently too small for everything we need to put in there. If anybody wants to get me one for Christmas I would love you forever.

Fishing Pole/ Tackle Box

I don't have much time to go fishing with work and school. receiving stuff for fishing would help change that. The last fishing pole I had I gave to my oldest daughter because it became too small for me. Getting all new fishing equipment would allow me to go fishing with my daughter which would be a blast.

Now you know my adult wish list, what would your list look like? Let me know!

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