If you're in the band Zolopht in Grand Junction, you know all about these. These are the six things everyone in Zolopht knows. Zolopht has been on the Colorado music scene since 2009.

Here we are almost ten years later and this what every person in the band knows. These are six things everyone in the band Zolopht knows.

  • 1

    Music is Universal

    One of the many things I love about music is how it brings people together. We become closer to eacher with music because we can relate and connect with it. It's the something everyone in the band knows, it's that music is universal.

  • 2

    Community Matters

    I'm not in the band Zolopht, but I definitely agree with this one. I constantly see Zac and other members of Zolopht out and about in the community. I can tell they care and I can tell they're definitely doing their part to make it better. Way to go guys.

  • 3

    Travel Helps You Grow

    If you're in Zolopht you know that traveling is a big part of your life. Traveling really does open your eyes and betters you as an individual. I've learned in multiple different countries and moved here from North Carolina so I get it, and I second that.

  • 4

    Listening is Sometimes Better Than Talking

    You can learn so much by opening yourself up and truly listening to what's around you. Like the band Zolophy says, stop talking and just listen. Everyone in band knows we've got so much to learn from our surroundings.

  • 5

    Love > Hate

    Everyone in the band Zolopht knows love wins over hate, every time. It takes much more effort to hate something than it does to love it. The hate isn't worth it, it's too much energy to waste. It's better to spend your time and energy focused on positivity and love versus hate.

  • 6

    Never Make the Sound Guy Mad

    Never, ever make the sound guy mad. No matter what. Every member of Zolopht knows not to do this because their livelihood in their hands. The quality of their depends on that guy so, keep that guy happy.

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