I asked Grand Junction teachers, what do they want (and what do they not want) for Christmas? This is the Grand Junction teachers' wishlist. The gifts range from what they expect of their students, to fun stuff they want.

Since I was already in contact with the Vice Principal of Grand Junction High school during our Teacher of the Month delivery I asked him for a wishlist. Here is the Grand Junction Teachers' Christmas Wishlist. This wishlist has everything the principal and teachers want -- and don't want.

Although I thought answers like wine, chocolate, and a diamond ring were amusing, this one really stood out to me.

I'd like my students to value their learning while not comparing themselves to others because producing their own personal best is all that matters

I think this is a good reminder for everyone. You are you and there's no one quite like you. Other people are not a measuring scale.

A few other things on the Grand Junction Teachers' Christmas Wishlist are:

  • I would like them to proofread AND correct their work before turning it into me
  • Amazon gift card, Barnes and Noble gift card, a card form a student is always heartwarming
  •  I would like every student to feel loved and know they are important to someone. (Awww)
  • A Nintendo switch and a new school (Ouch)
  • Donate books to the art library
  • Patience and understanding
  • Chocolate and wine (The teacher said "I am not sure if you can say that to them, though")

Some things the teachers don't want are:

  • The paper I handed out a week ago
  • Starbucks card, hot chocolate mixes, or candy...mostly because these are off limits to me now
  • Used pencils
  • Forgotten clothes

Parents, make sure your kids are giving their teachers the best gift ever -- proofreading, patience and their best effort.

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