Whether or not you enjoy football, the Super Bowl tends to bring friends and family together. It could be because of the commercials but, the die-hard fans will say it is about the game itself.

But to me, it has to be the food. Why else would so many people watch football if they didn't enjoy the food? It can range from finger foods to full on loaded plates. Here are a few items that would be the rave of your Super Bowl party.

  • 1

    Chips and Homemade Salsa

    Chips and dip are a surefire go-to when it comes to sporting events. Take it up a notch and make some homemade dip. The two best are homemade french onion and a spicy sausage dip. With the sausage dip, you must add some hot sauce or it just doesn't taste right. The cool thing about homemade dip is you can really try anything.

  • 2

    Chicken Wings

    You can either buy the wings from some place or get them from the store and do them yourself. I suggest doing it yourself it just makes the wings taste so much better. You need to either layer them in a pan or fry them up both choices are delicious. If you have BBQ sauce they are a step closer. The sauces are really what make the wings the best. Our favorite for an amazing sauce has to be homemade honey mustard. The tang is what makes it pop. Just be sure not to measure everything out.

  • 3

    Pigs In A Blanket

    Kids love it, parents love it, and grandparents love it. These are some of the easiest finger foods to make a bunch of. You can use whatever type of meat you want really. But I found out of you make them with bratwurst it is delicious. To add an added flavor baste the brats in beer. The beer reduces so you can't taste it, making this dish tasty and kid-friendly. It will also remind you of your childhood while hanging out with your own kids.

  • 4

    Homemade Pizza

    Pizza can either be a finger food or an entree. Even the kids can help you with this one. Roll out the dough to the size that you want and have the kids layer the toppings. They will have a blast while the boys watch the pregame. We did this one last Super Bowl and it was so good both my daughters asked to make it again. When your kids help it makes this dish a complete winner.

  • 5

    Chicken Wraps

    Wraps are the type of food that is healthy and delicious. Not only that they are really easy to make. Get some tortillas, some chicken (I prefer crispy), and some vegetables and put it together. You can these however you want to. Put it all out for the game and people can make their own. You will love how easy and delicious these are.

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