Fans of Kolaches can rejoice because there's a new bakery bringing the delectable treat to the state of Colorado.

According to a report from Coloradoan, a bakery is opening in Northern Colorado called the Colorado Kolache Company. While their only location will be in Fort Collins, I'm positive that they'll find the need to expand quickly!

Kolaches in Colorado Is A Dream Come True

As a Texan native, my heart is so full of joy! Meanwhile, my stomach is full of anticipation and empty of Kolaches.

One of the first questions/things that I discovered when moving here is that, Kolaches really don't exist outside of Texas.

Kolache Rumors

I've heard rumors that you can find a Kolache in Colorado, but I have yet to verify that! When I asked Coloradoans what they thought a Kolache was they had a multitude of incorrect answers such as:

  • a pig in a blanket
  • a sausage roll
  • a glizzy
  • a dog in a pocket

Real and Authentic Kolaches

Now that an official Kolache company is setting up in Northern Colorado, the state can finally appreciate a real Kolache.

If you're still unsure what a Kolache is, let me break it down for you. A Kolache is a Czech pastry that is typically stuffed with a sweet or savory filling.

Kolaches can be open-faced or wrapped. While sweet Kolaches are amazing in their own right, my absolute favorite is the savory Kolaches.

Fortunately for us here in Colorado, the family running this bakery has taken the time to really study the art of making Kolaches. The family even toured Texas' famous Kolache Trail in an effort to bring authenticity here to Colorado.

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