After a long wait, Colorado is going to get blessed in the Seltzer game with Sonic's new alcoholic beverages.

According to a press release from COOP Ale Works, Sonic Hard Seltzer will soon be available in Colorado at select retailers in the next few weeks!

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Alcoholic Beverages in Colorado

Everyone knows that Colorado is one of the best states to live in, especially when it comes to enjoying a nice craft beer. There are tons of breweries across the state and absolutely no shortage of liquor stores.

However, for some reason, Sonic and Coop Ale Works didn't allow Colorado to become one of the first states that debuted the new Sonic Hard Seltzers last year.

Maybe the researchers felt that Coloradans would be a tough crowd to impress?

Colorado's Time for Seltzers Has Arrived

Nonetheless, we're finally getting what the rest of the country has been bragging about, Sonic Hard Seltzers!

While you may be thinking that this is "just another Seltzer," you'd be wrong!

Sonic's mixed drinks have always been the perfect base to add alcohol to, and the new official seltzers have actually become one of the top 10 fastest-selling seltzer brands in the nation.

"Following the initial excitement for SONIC Hard Seltzer, we have accelerated product availability for customers who are brand fans or excited to try it for the first time," says Sean Mossman, President of COOP Ale Works, makers of SONIC Hard Seltzer.

"Expanding into more markets is a natural extension for us as we continue to grow the brand."

What Kind of Sonic Hard Seltzer Flavors Can Colorado Expect?

Currently, Sonic Hard Seltzer is available in two different variety packs, Tropical and Citrus. Yumm!

To find SONIC Hard Seltzer near you, visit

The Tropical variety pack includes a fan favorite, Ocean Water! Also included in the Tropical variety pack are Melon Medley, Mango Guava, and Orange Pineapple.

The Citrus Variety Pack includes Cherry Limeade, Original Limeade, Classic Lemonade, and Lemon Berry.

One of the best things about these seltzers is that they're only 100 calories with just 1 gram of sugar per can. Sonic Hard Selters are gluten-free and 5% ABV.

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