I don't mean to sound like I know everything about an excellent breakfast burrito, but I have had my fair share. Some that have been AMAZING, absolutely delicious. I've also had some that have been so bad that I couldn't take a second bite.

Last week I was craving a breakfast burrito so bad. I was hoping to find a Santiago's, but it was sad to find out there isn't a Santiago's in town.

I knew Y'all would be able to accomplish my mission and find the BEST breakfast burrito by voting on the top 10.

Here are the results of the top five out of the ten Grand Junction voted on:

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    I've had a breakfast burrito at Mary's once. It was very good. Huge, but good. Definitely the kind of burrito that you have to sit down and take your time with. While you're at it enjoy a Bloody Mary too. They're excellent.

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    Guerrilla Burrito

    Super excited to try one of their breakfast burritos. They look similar to Santiago's. According to those who voted for them raved about how good they are. I drove past it a few time, it's just off of F Road in a church parking lot. I guess they were previously called Big Green Chili. Can't-miss their logo on the truck that alone wanted me to try it.

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    Loncheria Rubi

    Another food truck that appears to be spectacular. A must try. I love how different breakfast burritos can be and how so many of them can be totally different, but just as tasty. Looking forward to this one.

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    Old Man Grill a.k.a OMG

    This breakfast burrito looks fabulous, certainly a sit down take your time kind of burrito. OMG post a picture on our Facebook page. I can see why so many people loved it. Watch out folks when I visit I just may be there for a while.

  • 1

    Los Jibertos a.k.a Los J

    There were an overwhelming amount of votes for Los J's. So I was necessary for me to go try one this morning. Oh my goodness gracious! I see why they won the BEST breakfast in Grand Junction in the opinion of Y'all. I seriously might have a problem now. If I like something as much as I like this breakfast burrito I'm hooked and have to have it every day.

    Yup, I think I have an addicting personality when it comes to wonderful food. Yikes.

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