The Grand Junction Spotlight is on Aaron Moring who's studying abroad in Grand Junction at Colorado Mesa University. Aaron is from Manchester, England and has been in Colorado for a little over a month.

Aaron is working on his Bachelors in Kinesiology at Colorado Mesa University and is studying abroad in Grand Junction for the year. Aaron says he loves the friendly people and the hot weather here in Grand Junction. His favorite thing about his study abroad experience so far is the people.

People in Colorado are so friendly.

I have to agree with him, Coloradans may very well be some of the nicest people on the planet. Aaron said that people in England are not quite as nice as the people in Colorado and neither is the weather.

He's been hiking and camping since he got to Colorado a month ago. Aaron says that camping was a very 'different' experience, he says because of the weather, there's not much camping going on in England. Aaron loved hiking but as far as camping goes, he'll take a five star hotel at the top of the mountain instead.

Aaron says he'd like to check out Denver and Colorado Springs while he's here. And since he's here for Christmas, he's looking for a place to celebrate -- he says 'hit me up.'

I met Aaron recently at one of Mutual Friends Skate Shop's events and asked if he'd like to come in and talk about his experience here in Colorado. I'm glad he said yes and I'm glad he's having a great time here in Grand Junction. We had a lot of fun in the studio, see Aaron's best impression of an American here.

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