All students, faculty, and staff at Colorado Mesa University are required to be tested for COVID-19 before returning to CMU in the fall.

Colorado Mesa University is requiring mandatory COVID-19 tests for all of its students, faculty, and staff. According to their website, every member of the CMU community must be tested '3-7 days prior to returning to campus this fall.'

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If you refuse to be tested for COVID-19, it will affect your ability to go on campus. All CMU students, faculty, and staff must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to return to campus. Everyone will receive a link to sign up for a coronavirus test from PrimaryBio, CMU's testing partner

Colorado Mesa University has three different COVID-19 testing options which are:

  1. Grand Junction testing
  2. Colorado Front Range testing
  3. At home mail-in testing

Grand Junction Testing

One of the options is that the Colorado Mesa University community can be tested on campus, which will be in the Bunting Hall parking lot. There will be a drive-through lane as well as a walk-up lane for COVID-19 tests.

Colorado Front Range Testing

CMU students that live in certain counties on the Front Range have options when it comes to their coronavirus test. They will receive different COVID-19 testing locations and will be able to choose the best fit.

At-Home Testing

The next option is to get tested for COVID-19 at home. According to Colorado Mesa University's website, at-home test kids will be mailed to students who are eligible. At-home COVID-19 tests must be requested at least 8 days before returning to campus, according to CMU.

Colorado Mesa University has also provided a chart that shows you which day you should get tested for COVID-19 based on the day you're returning to campus. You can find that chart and more information about mandatory COVID-19 testing at CMU here.

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