The Grand Junction Spotlight this week is on our Mix 104.3 intern, Cassandra Burkepile. Her internship is her last hoorah before graduating from Colorado Mesa University.

Cassandra Burkepile is finishing up college at Colorado Mesa University. But before she can get her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, she has to do an internship first. Lucky for us, she chose Mix 104.3 for her internship.

Cassandra has been an intern here for a few weeks and her favorite parts of the internship so far are doing production and writing. (She's currently helping me write this article.) Being on the air is a close second though.

Our intern, Cassandra, is a jack of all trades. She's done newspaper, film, photography, radio, TV and more. She wants to get experience in the media industry so doing an internship at Mix 104.3 is a perfect fit.

After college Cassandra is looking forward to getting more experience in the industry. Who knows, maybe you'll see her on the five o'clock news. (In a good way because she'll be the news anchor.)

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