This week's Grand Junction spotlight is on the Grand Junction band, Bronco Country. These guys are more than a band, they're more like a lifestyle.

Bronco Country was just in the studio this past week talking about the Four Peaks Downtown Music Festival. The festival had a great turn out and Bronco Country was happy to see their families and friends in the crowd.

Austin, the drummer, even had some of his family come to a show for the first time. To which I responded 'awwww.' And then both Griff and Austin laughed at me.

Bronco Country is more than a band, they're like a lifestyle. According to Griff:

Bronco Country will help you get done whatever you need to do.

They not only make music and clothing, they do woodworking, they'll wash your car and they even agreed to cat sit my cat, Jax. Bronco Country is truly some people you can count on.

Although I didn't get my cowboy sandals (hopefully I'll get them by Country Jam) they did bring me a Bronco Country t-shirt and some stickers too. Thanks, guys! Oh, cowboy sandals are basically a flip-flops/sandals cut out of a cowboy boot. Like Griff says:

That way you can get the high ankles but open toes at the same time.

The next Bronco Country show is tomorrow night at the Mesa Theater. Bronco Country encourages their fans to bring food to their shows, and then throw it at them. Food fight anyone?

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