Yesterday was Taco Tuesday and I started thinking about tacos and how delightful tacos can be.

Seems like I can even make even a semi-healthy taco fattening by my choice of shell.

I find myself enjoying tacos more with a white flour tortilla and I thought I wonder how everyone else likes their tacos.

Once I asked Y'all if you prefer a hard shell or soft shell tacos on Facebook I realized the correct answer would be tacos, tacos, and more tacos.

Kind of like Tim Ciesco suggested:

Once Rachel Crites chimed in then I got confused with what I like best.  Home fried corn tortillas soon amazing.

Many listeners said soft, many said hard but the overall consensus was tacos are the bombshell no matter what kind of shell they are in.

It can't just be Taco Tuesday ... I could do tacos any day and every day if I had to. No complaints.

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