When you get your hair cut, you're not just chopping off dead skin cells. Your haircut makes a statement, it defines to the rest of the world who you are, what you do, where you're going, and why. Here are some of the coolest Salons in Grand Junction.

Urban Girls Salon

Urban Girls is a "concept" salon. They use only Aveda hair products, because they are more environmentally friendly. Urban Girls is located at 2493 Highway 6 and 50.

Revolution Salon

Revolution Salon is conveniently located off 6th and Nth Ave, which makes is easy to find. They have a lot of great reviews online, and tend to lean towards fancier haircuts for mature women. A lot of their online reviews rave about their skills with coloring hair, and highlights.

New York Moon

New York Moon is known for the atmosphere. It's just an extremely classy and upscale feel, and they really pull it off. New York Moon is also known for using only high-end product lines, to ensure the quality of their work. They are located off of Patterson, out by the mesa mall.

Virtue Salon

Virtue is one of the newest salons in the Grand Junction Area. I really love this place. It has a very rugged Colorado Feel, while at the same time maintaining a very relaxing and clean atmosphere. They specialize in all manner of haircut, and they do it well. I definitely suggest Virtue Salon, if you're looking for somewhere new and swanky to get your hair cut.

I'm sure there are several other great salons in Grand Junction; however, these were the coolest ones I've experienced. Make sure you give them a shot, if you're looking for somewhere new to get your haircut.

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