TRS Studios, of Grand Junction, Colorado is offering free haircuts to kids, just for reading. It's a really cool idea, actually. You schedule your child's haircut, and then while they are receiving their haircut, they must read to the stylist. So long as the kid reads through the entirety of the haircut, the back to school cut is free!

Torrie Salazar, the owner and head stylist at TRS Studios, has worked for several local Grand Junction Salons, and has owned and operated TRS Studios for about a year now. The Salon is located just off of 16th and North Ave, just past the liquor store.

When I asked Torrie what her inspiration was, her answer was simple, "I wanted to give back to the community, and with today's World and everything that's going on in the world , I figured it was a small piece of positive that I could give back. My daughter loves books and she's getting ready to start school so she was definitely part of my inspiration for this event. However, I didn't think of this event all on my own. About five years back a Barber on the East Coast offered this same service. I just don't know if he's continued it on a yearly basis, which I definitely plan to do".

I took my kids down yesterday, and they both read to Torrie while she cut their hair. My son read "The Giving Tree", which obviously makes all of us tear up with nostalgia of our childhood years, while she gave him a faux hawk. My 11 year old daughter has been looking for an excuse to beg me for the new Harry Potter book, which of course I did.

It was really neat to hear my children read to Torrie while she cut their hair. It sort of helped ease us all back into the school mindset. I really hope that more Grand Junction companies will jump on this sort of idea.

To book your free back to school haircut today, contact Torrie at TRS Studios.

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