My nails, unfortunately, look like they've been through some misfortunes. Someone along the way has abandoned them and now they're a bit attention deprived. I'm tired of looking at my overgrown cuticles and uneven nails. I can hear their cry for help and it's time to help them out -- by getting these nails done.

I'm looking for Grand Junction's best nail salon and just by looking at my nails, you can tell I haven't been to a salon lately. There was a time when I did get them done and it feels (and looks) like that was ages ago.

Since I'm not sure where to go in Grand Junction, I'm leaving it up to you to help me fix these atrocities. I included the ten best nail salons according to Yelp to start it off. Vote for the best nail salon below and if you don't see your nail salon on the list, feel free to write them in:

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