I asked you to help me find a nail salon to fix these nails of mine. After nominating and voting for the best nail salon here in Grand Junction, here is the number one best nail salon around, according to you.

You heard my nails' cry for help, and you answered by nominating your favorite nail salon. A whole lot of nail salon nominations later, we asked you to vote for the best nail salon. Now that I've tallied your votes up, here is the best nail salon in Grand Junction -- according to you.

This nail salon better get ready to fix some uneven nails and overgrown cuticles, which just so happen to belong to me.

Congratulations to Sublime Nail Studio!

According to you, they're the best nail salon in Grand Junction.

It seems like Sublime Nail Studio lives up to their name and their customers leave feeling, well, sublime. Their customers obviously feel good enough to recommend it to me, and thank you for that.

You have helped me out before by voting for Grand Junction's best hairstylist. And just like Grand Junction #1 hairstylist, I'm sure the Sublime squad will make me feel just as fabulous and beautiful.

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