4 Of The Swankiest Hair Salons in Grand Junction
When you get your hair cut, you're not just chopping off dead skin cells. Your haircut makes a statement, it defines to the rest of the world who you are, what you do, where you're going, and why. Here are some of the coolest Salons in Grand Junction...
Good-looking summer skin
Proper skin care is essential in order to prevent harmful, long-lasting consequences to your skin. Here are three ways you can keep your epidermis in the best possible shape:
Pinterest Raw Honey Face Wash — Big Hit or Bust?
Each week I will search for a new and unique beauty idea on Pinterest and try it out.  Then I will let you know if it’s a Beauty “Big Hit” — or a Beauty “Bust”.
This Week’s Pin: Using Raw Honey as a facial cleanser
The Claim: Raw honey contains many moisturizing and antibacterial properties, so using …