I just moved here less than a month ago so I'm far from a local. I've noticed that sometimes Coloradans won't share certain things with me. But why?

I recently went fishing near West Lake in Clifton and I asked a man who lives in the adjacent neighborhood, "How's the fishing down there?". He went on to say how he's lived here his whole life and has never caught anything and basically, don't go there because it's a waste of time.

There were fish jumping everywhere. I saw HUGE fish as in, I was worried that my line would snap if I actually caught one. I've been to this spot several times and witnessed others fishing there. But why would this older gentleman lie and say there's nothing in the lake?

It wasn't rude to him, I'm a nice polite person, I didn't park on or around his yard, I even complimented his dog!

We live in a big, beautiful place, why can't we share the beauty? Am I always going to get lied to as a "transplant?" Are locals going to keep their secrets to themselves in fear that I might ruin their spots by bringing all 10 people I know with me?

Is this really a thing?

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