Since Mother's Day is coming up this weekend, Local Love is all about Grand Junction mom Michele Mercer. Here's what Michele Mercer the mom loves about being a mom.

Michele Mercer lives in Grand Junction has one daughter, who's a year and four months old. Michele always wanted to be a mom ever since she was a kid. She grew up with a single father and after seeing other kids and their moms coming to assemblies and field trips, she wanted to give her kid what she didn't get - a mom.

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This Grand Junction mom says her perfect Mother's Day would be spending the day with her daughter and husband and going to an aquarium or zoo.

Michele told us her daughter is obsessed with animals right now, which we completely understand considering animals are the coolest. Her perfect Mother's Day also includes a facial and some funnel cake and a corn dog.

Here's Michele's favorite thing about being a mom and how her life has changed since becoming a mom.

Grand Junction Mom: What Michele Mercer Loves About Being a Mom

Since Mother's Day is coming up this weekend, we interviewed a Grand Junction mom, Michele Mercer. Here's what Michele Mercer the mom loves about being a mom.

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