So Camila Cabello and Dylan Sprouse are apparently working on a secret project together, and the internet is scrambling to figure out what it is.

They each revealed the news via Instagram on Thursday (August 23), posting a photo of them looking into the camera and shrugging their shoulders. "What are we workin’ on?" Cabello captioned the picture ambiguously, while Sprouse gave a little more context on his own account.

"Quick shoot in Montreal for a secret project with @camila_cabello," he wrote. So we know they're in Montreal. That's a start. But what, exactly, are they doing there?

The obvious answer would be that they're shooting a music video for one of Camila Cabello's songs, and, as some fans have speculated, Sprouse is starring as her love interest. It could be for her next single from her self-titled solo album — thus far, she's only released videos for "Havana" and "Never Be the Same" — or perhaps "Sangria Wine," her May release with Pharrell Williams, or "Real Friends," for which she recently put out a new remix with Swae Lee.

A curious development also has a few followers thinking the two are working on a Netflix show: The streaming service commented the shifty-eye emoji on Sprouse's picture, which is, uh, suspicious. Cabello hasn't acted much in the past, but she has shown off an impressive knack for soap operas, so who knows! Sprouse has a number of (mostly) movies lined up after a long absence from acting, so it's completely possible he's eager to jump on something else.

Beyond that, all we've got is a big ole shrug, but keep your eyes peeled for more details.

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