I enjoyed my first Free Fishing Weekend this Saturday at Highline Lake. I went from not catching anything to catching thirteen fish! My first Colorado catch, was a bluegill.

Most of the catches were bluegills, except for one. I caught a fish that would bring tears to the eyes of my competitive bass fisherman of a dad.

Alicia Selin, Townsquare Media

Tears of laughter, that is. I was still proud to catch this baby bass, but I would've rather caught its dad. Especially when I saw a guy bow fishing catch a carp that had to be 30+ pounds. He already had plans to fry that fish up.

Alicia Selin, Townsquare Media

I overheard a local say how crowded Highline Lake was due to Free Fishing Weekend. Didn't bother me! I had plenty of space to cast out as far as I could while others were fishing, jet skiing, swimming and kayaking with their families (or their dog).

Paying $7 for over 7 hours of fun in the sun was well worth it. Highline Lake, I'll most definitely be back! Next time, I'm catching something that's bigger than a few inches.