If you don't escape, you'll be stuck in skooool forever. That is the premise of a new online experience from the Colorado-born hit comedy show.

Escape Rooms gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, but the pandemic has put a serious strain on attempting such fun. Maybe other rooms can try running their games online like South Park has just done.

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In the game, you and your friends join a 'human avatar' wearing a live-streaming camera in a Zoom conference room. You and your friends then tell the avatar what to do to navigate the 'puzzle' and escape from the room/skoool. Like most escape rooms, you have 60 minutes to figure out how to get out.

I'm a big fan of South Park and very jealous of Matt Stone and Trey Parker for coming up with the idea while at CU Boulder; 'South Park' hit the air in 1997.

I wonder what items they'll have in the room that reference the show and how many times that guy from the Airport Hilton will ask if we have everything we need.

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