One way for celebrities to know they've made it? Getting brutally skewered on 'South Park.' So, uh, congratulations on making it, Lorde!

The New Zealand singer got the full 'South Park' treatment on Wednesday night's (Oct. 1) episode, which was very topically titled 'Gluten Free Ebola.' The outlandish cartoon that often pokes serious fun of celebrities actually took it pretty easy on the 17-year-old -- even if it did give her a mustache!

The plot has Stan's dad, Randy, impersonating Lorde because he had promised to have her perform at a party. He failed miserably, obviously. Hence the mustache and the dressing in drag. The clothes are spot-on and the wig is pretty close to reality.

But, no, Lorde herself did not provide the singing voice. The 'South Park' kids couldn't tell the difference, but it will be fully apparent to you upon watching the clip below.

Watch Lorde Impersonated on 'South Park'

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