This is your chance to get on an episode of the Colorado-based show, South Park. This is only like a dream come true and here's how you do it.

Picture this: Kyle, Kenny, Stan, Cartman -- and you. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who created South Park in 1995, are giving you the chance to be on the show.

If you win, you can bring a friend along with you, and here's what your trip will look like:

  • Hop on a free flight to LA
  • Get a free hotel stay in a 4-star hotel
  • Meet the comedic geniuses behind it all (Trey Parker and Matt Stone)
  • Visit the studio and see how the funny happens
  • Get drawn into an episode of South Park

I have always wanted to be on a cartoon so being on an episode of South Park truly is like a dream come true. I feel like I could be my true self and say anything that comes to mind.

I mean, it is a show that definitely pushes some limits, while poking fun and entertaining. Enter the drawing by donating to NEXT for Autism and your chances of winning are increased the more times you enter.  According to Omaze,

Donating more gives you additional entries and unlocks exclusive merchandise

The exclusive merchandise includes limited edition t-shirts, a personalized voicemail message, and an autographed skateboard or snowboard. you can even get drawn into the South Park Bus stop.

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