The General Manager of Casa Bonita says that about 50 people have been busted for jumping into the lagoon while he's been there. 50 people over his 41 years of service equals more than one person making an illegal splash every year.

Ever since I saw the episode about Casa Bonita on South Park, I've always wanted to go there. I honestly thought that diving into the pool was a part of the experience. It was for Cartman in South Park but it's not part of the experience for everyone else..

Mike Mason, the GM of Casa Bonita, has been with the company for the past 41 years, and he's seen lots of illegal splashes -- about 50 of them. Mike says that he estimates about fifty people have been caught for taking a swim in the dive pool at his restaurant.

One of the many people who've taken a not so legal dip at Casa Bonita 24-year-old Caleb Williams, said this about his experience:

It became premeditated in the heat of the moment. In retrospect, it was one of the most disrespectful ideas I've ever had. I annoyed some people who already have an aggravating service job to being with because they deal with dimwits like me. So Sorry about that guys.

Both Caleb and his friend who he jumped in with, paid a $140 fine for their dip in Casa Bonita's diving pool.

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