A new recreational dispensary is opening in Palisade in June. This new dispensary will be open 7 days a week at 1043 North River Road.

This dispensary was among two dispensaries that were chosen through a lottery to open in Palisade. The lottery was back in October of 2017, and one dispensary is almost ready to open.

The Happy Camper will have their grand opening in a couple of weeks, around mid-June. They'll have a ribbon cutting, with drinks foods and lots of vendors.

The Happy Camper will be:

  • Located at 1043 North River Road in Palisade
  • Open from 9 am - 9 pm/7 days a week

This dispensary, the Happy Camper, is no stranger to Colorado. They have a store in Bailey, Colorado and also make their own concentrates -- which are in over 100 different dispensaries in Colorado.

One of the owners of the Happy Camper, Colleen Scanlon, said this about their new store in Palisade:

This store is going to be an experience for anyone over the age of 21. Everyone is going to feel comfortable in the store, it's like a regular retail establishment. After checking you in at the door, you can roam the store versus sitting in a seat and waiting to be called.

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