Palisade did a random drawing to determine which two recreational dispensaries will get to open. Palisade city leaders did this to ensure fairness.

Palisade continues to open recreational dispensaries -- the latest, The Colorado Weedery, opened in mid-September. The addition of these two will total three recreational dispensaries in Palisade.

H and S LLC and THC2 are the winners selected to open recreational dispensaries. Palisade city leaders also selected runner-ups, just in case something falls through. Renee Grossman who owns High Q, a recreational weed shop in Silt said:

The first priority candidate, THC2, is in a zone district that prohibits retail marijuana stores so their property requires a re-zoning. If they cannot achieve a re-zoning we would go and move forward in the process..

Renee received the second priority for her shop, High Q. The process for opening a recreational dispensary in Palisade isn't over for the winners. The next step is applying to the state and then back to Palisade for a conditional use permit.

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