The moratorium on marijuana businesses in Grand Junction is apparently over.

Grand Junction Says Yes to Marijuana

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado in 2012 and the first dispensaries opening in 2014, there has been much debate and discussion about bringing the marijuana business to Grand Junction. Local residents have watched other communities in western Colorado reap the benefits of marijuana taxation, all the while wondering how long it would be before Grand Junction would get a piece of the pot pie.

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According to the final unofficial election results released by the city clerk's office, Grand Junction voters have opened the door to marijuana businesses in the city. The vote was closer than what many may have expected with 58% of voters saying yes to ballot question 2B and 42% voting no.

Not surprising is the approval of Measure 2A pertaining to the taxation and regulation of marijuana in the city. Nearly 56% of voters said yes, while 44% said no.

Grand Junction voters also said yes to Measure 2C, concerning zoning and property development along the Colorado River. By an overwhelming margin, 74% of voters said yes, with just 26% voting no.

City Council Races Decided

The closest city council race was in District D where Dennis Simpson defeated Greg Haitz with 54% of the vote.

In District A, with  59% of the vote, Rick Ragggart defeated Mark McCallister, while in District E, Abe Herman took 60% of the vote in defeating Jody Green. The At-Large race went to Randall Reitz with 60% of the vote to defeat Kraig Andrews.

Election Results By the  Numbers


  • 2A Taxation on Regulated Marijuana
    Yes: 8,180
    No: 6,515
  • 2B Lifting Moratorium on Marijuana Businesses
    Yes: 8,615
    No: 6,307
  • 2C Development of Property
    Yes: 10, 593
    No:     3,797


  • District A
    Mark McCallister   5,657
    Rick Taggart          8,246
  • District D
    Greg Haitz           6,167
    Dennis Simpson  7,368
  • District E
    Jody Green           5,403
    Abe Herman         8,383
  • At-Large>
    Kraig Andrews     5,489
    Randall Reitz       8,148

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