Taprooms are popular destinations in the Grand Valley, but there is one you quite possibly have not experienced.

The folks in Palisade are well aware of Talbott Farms, but it might be the best-kept secret in the Grand Valley.

You'll find Talbott Farms just south of Palisade on East Orchard Mesa Hill. You climb a winding road to reach the top of the hill to find Talbott's market store where they feature a variety of things including jams, jellies, fruit, and their very own apple cider.

Zane Mathews

Talbott Farms dates back to 1907 when Talbotts married into the Yager family and then the Talbotts started farming the land in the 1940s and incorporated the business in 1965. They do apples, pears, and grapes, but peaches are the bread and butter crop for today's Talbotts.

About three years ago, Harry Charles Talbott, Jr. started doing hard cider. That led eventually to a big renovation project earlier year when part of the market store was beautifully transformed into a taproom - mostly for cider. On tap, you'll find four varieties of cider and two wines, but they have a total of 16 kinds of cider available including 12 they produce in-house.

Zane Mathews

The Talbott's are inviting everyone to join them for a special event celebrating the Marine Corps birthday and their own veteran Papa Harry, the Talbott patriarch.

The event happens on Saturday, November the 10th from 3pm-8pm and will be held in the newly constructed outdoor patio and stage area featuring live music from Proper Medication. The Be Crepe'ful food truck will be there to make some treats available, and you can see Talbott's new taproom and patio in person.

Zane Mathews