Today is tax day, and if you got at least $1500 back in your tax return you can buy the new Google Glass which came out today. Now Google has other plans for your eyes.

Google has recently patented a system that gives you Google Glass without the glass, Google has patented a smart contact lens system with a built in camera.

According to Mail Online this technology could help the blind to see, could give you 'supervision' with the ability to zoom, link to your smart phone, detect faces, monitor your health and many other amazing tasks.

A couple things I would like to see it do? Glad you asked!

1. Order Pizza feature
2. Able to see through door when Pizza guy is here.
3.Which brings me to the obvious. X-Ray Vision!

So with Google Glass here and Google smart lenses not to far off, what would you like Google Glass/Lens do for you?