Cable. A great invention whereby a coax cable, you could get moving pictures sent to your house in color. But is it still the way to go?

With technology developing at record speeds, and the internet being such a vital part of our lives, how does cable stand up?

It used to be in the old days, that you had 2 ways to watch movies and or shows. Antenna, or pay for cable, or satellite. Today, the options have exploded.

We have smartphones and tablets that we can watch movies on demand or streaming. We have computers that can do the exact same thing. There are boxes now that you can hook to your internet, and plug into your TV and watch pretty much anything you want for free. You can even Bluetooth to your television now, and not even need any form of cable to watch your favorite movie or show.

How many of us have gone to an internet only way of watching TV or Movies? Do you still have cable and use the internet too? Do you strictly have cable?

I have satellite and the internet, simply because I don't like to miss anything, and I am very much a social bug. How about you?