You can now stream Mix 104.3 on your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Streaming Mix 104.3 on Alexa is super fast and easy, here's how you do it.

You can stream Mix 104.3 at work, at home and out and about on your Amazon enabled devices. Now you'll never miss a second of Bob & Sheri in the mornings, Brandon Thomas during middays, Alicia Selin during your drive home and PopCrush Nights with Lisa Paige.

You can easily and quickly stream Mix 104.3! Just do this:

  1. Go to your Alexa app and hit skills
  2. Search for Mix 104.3 and hit enable
  3. Let Alexa know that now is the time you need Mix some 104.3 by saying "Alexa, Mix one oh four three"

It's that easy to stream Mix 104.3 on your Amazon Alexa-enabled devices! Since Alexa can now stream Mix 104.3, what else can she do?

Make me breakfast in bed? Feed my cat? Do my grocery shopping? ( This is wishful thinking here.)

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