Watch these kids react to old cameras and the process we used to have to go through to get pictures!

It's weird to see these videos of kids reacting to things that don't feel that old to us. I remember using these sorts of cameras for most of my life but I guess kids now haven't been around for most of my life.

Remember having to put film in the camera to take a picture? Remember having to go get the film developed to see the pictures? I still see pharmacies with signs that read "1-hour photo" which is somewhat mind boggling since I haven't done that in the passed 10 years, I don't think. Most kids now will never know these sorts of things unless us parents tell them stories of the "good ol' days".

I miss digging through old drawers and folders filled with pictures of my past that captured many great memories. It's nice to look back and remember certain moments in your life that brought you joy. I guess I can just scroll through my Instagram to do this or download the Time Hop app.

What's your favorite piece of technology that you miss? I would probably pick the VCR. I don't miss using it but every time I see one at a garage sale or thrift store for $2, it brings me a sense of nostalgia.