Usually the older crowd doesn't have much knowledge on technology, that's why it's funny to see them react to Google Glass!

I'm not sure if it's because technology moves too fast or if you just don't care for it as much when you get older but something just doesn't translate for "elderly" people when it comes to technology.

This completely reminds me of my entire life, even to this point. My parents aren't this old and they're not this bad with technology either, but they are always (or it seems like always) asking or needing help with a computer or cell phone, etc.

Sometimes though, we have to just sit back and have fun with it... as these guys have done. Hopefully you enjoyed a nice laugh, in good fun, while watching these "elders" react to technology. Although, I must admit, I will probably be the exact same with Google Glass when (or if) I get one, hopefully not as bad though.

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