This will definitely change the way we shop in the future!

Amazon is officially trying to change the shopping game once again. They are introducing Amazon Dash, which is a tool to scan or speak a shopping list that uploads to Amazon Fresh. That's where the shopping can be done with possible next day shipping.

Amazon Fresh is an online grocery store that let's you shop for groceries and have them shipped to you. Unfortunate, Amazon Fresh is only available to Seattle and Certain cities in California... but don't worry they will be expanding in the future.

Since Amazon Dash only works with Amazon Fresh, that is unavailable to us as well. Currently Amazon Dash is available by invitation only. I'm sure once they work out all of the problems, they will start expanding nationwide.

I can picture the world, one day in the future, only using tools like this to shop and grocery stores being run out of business... but that's just my thought. Do you think this will be everyone's way to shop in the future?