At first glance, it looks like history could repeat itself.

It may be possible toilet paper is disappearing from store shelves like it did in the early days of the pandemic. Or is it?

One social media user reports this week the toilet paper and paper towel shelves at Sam's Club were empty. Another Facebook reported over the weekend that City Market in Clifton had no toilet paper on the shelves. One responder mentioned empty shelves in California. Are these anomalies, or is it a growing trend?

It has felt like to me in the last couple of weeks that toilet paper shelves were not as full as they normally are. One time I did notice there was zero toilet paper at the grocery store. However, I figured I just happened to be there at just the right moment. A day or two later, toilet paper was back on the shelves.

This week I've seen huge supplies of toilet paper at Family Dollar and Rite Aid stores, even in the middle of their big liquidation sale, seemed to have a lot.

Some people are also reporting canned goods are running on the low side as well, but that is not something I have experienced myself. I've been to the grocery store numerous times in the last couple of weeks and encountered no problem finding meat and canned goods.

There doesn't seem to be an explanation for a lack of toilet paper and canned goods. Is it really happening or is it just pandemic/election paranoia?

Obviously, a lot of people have a certain amount of anxiety about the coming days and weeks as uncertainty surrounds the outcome of the presidential election. But, what exactly are they expecting will or could happen?

The best thing to do is to remain calm and don't panic. I understand that's easier said than done when it feels there may be some panic going on in the community. If everyone just purchases what they need everything will be fine and we don't need to see a repeat of that early pandemic nightmare.

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