We have had the most amazing guest DJs! From being arrested to laughing to the point where I spit coffee out my nose, it is always a great time!

Our very first DJ for a Day was Candice Martin from Fruita! Talk about crazy energy, Candice played what she wanted! Her very first request was a country song, and I thought I had lost my mind letting someone in to take over but she was a champ!

McKaelynn Becker from Grand Junction rocked the house! The very first thing she did was ask where the buttons were, and then she said "Dave, it is time for you to leave now," and the rest is history! An amazing day with such a bright and talented lady!

Colorado State Trooper Dan Charmonk decided for his takeover, that he was going to have me removed by arresting me. The staff cheered, which I am not sure what that means, but Dan shared some amazing music and tips throughout the day! Hats off to Trooper Dan!

Wanna be a part of the fun? You can by simply clicking below and getting registered for this Friday's "Final Friday Takeover"

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