Delaney Clements of Grand Junction, who was only 13, has lost her battle with cancer. We mourn today, the lost of a great friend, and a beacon of light to those who suffer from this horrible disease. 

I was introduced to Delaney in the beginning of 2015. She wanted to be on the radio and do her own show. Of course, who could say no to such a precious young lady, so she came in for Delaney Day on Mix. We had an amazing time.

During the rest of the year, I had many chances to speak with Delaney, and talk about her hopes and dreams. Delaney would always tell me that she only wanted two things. To help those with Cancer, and to meet Taylor Swift. By the end of this year, she accomplished her goals. I for one could not be prouder of Delaney and her amazing accomplishments, and I am even more honored to call her my friend.

Delaney was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and after five years of treatment, she was admitted to hospice care three months ago.

Delaney's Mother Posted this on Facebook this morning:

Delaney will always be remembered by all of us as the girl with the most amazing vision. A light for kids and all who has ever battled cancer. That vision will live on, and will never be forgotten.

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