Since today is National DJ Day, we're celebrating by sharing our funniest radio moments. These are some of the funniest radio moments for us Grand Junction DJs.

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As DJs, we just had to do something special for National DJ Day. I asked my coworkers to share their funniest DJ moments and they do not disappoint. Here are some of the funniest radio moments for us Grand Junction DJs.

  • 1

    Mistake Became a Remix

    One of my funniest radio moments is this one time at my last radio station, I messed up and hit play on a song twice, so the song started and then stopped. When it stopped I just said 'reeeemixxxxx' and then hit play again. If you're going to mess up, you might as well have fun with it.

  • 2

    Locked in the Bathroom

    Zane Mathews from KOOL 107.9 said he was doing the morning show in South Dakota and around 7 a.m. he decided to go to the bathroom. And when he did, the bathroom doorknob fell off so he couldn't get out. Zane had to crawl through a small window to get back into the studio before the song ended.

  • 3

    Actress Reminisces on Playing a 'Whore'

    Nate Wilde from 95 Rock said one time he interviewed Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. The 79-year-old reminisced on her time playing a 'whore' on Gilligan's Island. Nate says those were her words, not his.

  • 4

    Woman Prays During Traffic Report

    Billy Jenkins from KEKB said that one of his funniest radio moments is when he received a traffic report from a woman on cold medicine. Basically, the woman sounded drunk and even started praying at the end of the traffic report.

  • 5

    Manager Has to Take Artist Away

    While I was interviewing Taylor Momsen (from The Pretty Reckless, Gossip Girl, The Grinch) we were finished with the interview but were getting along so we kept talking and talking and talking. Taylor's manager ended up walking up to us and taking her away and said 'I have to take Taylor away because if I don't she'll literally talk to you forever. She loves talking to women.' I would've been down for that -- and Taylor would have been too.

  • 6

    Past Tense of 'Tweet'

    At a previous radio station, Nate Wilde and his morning guy were talking about Twitter. When Nate's coworker asked him what the past tense of 'tweet' was -- he accidentally said something that rhymes with SWAT.

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