National DJ is coming up on January 20. This is how to celebrate National DJ Day here in Grand Junction.

Us DJs have a few different names, disc jockeys, on-air personalities, radio host, etc. One thing we have in common is that we all love playing music -- and also talking. These are some ways to celebrate National DJ Day in Grand Junction.

  • 1

    Shout Out

    Just like us DJs give you shout outs, you can too. Hit us up on our Facebook or Instagram with something nice and we'll be sure to talk about it.

  • 2

    Crank It Up

    As I said, all of us DJs absolutely love music. Music makes us happy, so make sure you crank up the music on our stations on National DJ Day.

  • 3

    Stop By

    You can always come by the radio station (before or after) National DJ Day. (Since it's on a Sunday.) We really enjoy having company and wouldn't mind if you brought us food. We also really enjoy food.

  • 4

    Stock Up

    As DJs, we know it's important to have the best and most up to date gear around. So if you need anything like headphones, mics, speakers, etc, National DJ Day is the day to do it.

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