Hi! I’ve only been in Grand Junction for a week, and questions like, “Who is Traci Rock?” are being asked. Well, my new friends, let me share the seven most important things you need to know about T Rock.

I am a Master Swim Instructor

I remember learning how to swim when I was four years old, and it was the WORST experience ever! At the age of five, I was on a mission to teach kids how to swim without fear.

I think I Once Killed a Homeless Man by Accident

True story! I felt bad for this dude. I saw him every day for over a year. My son and I stopped to pick up a burger and fries and thought we would get him one too. He was cool and was so thankful, but we never saw him again. He ate his lunch so fast that I think it might have killed him for real. Poor guy. If that was his last meal, I know he enjoyed it.

I Got Kicked Out of the Girl Scouts

Who does THAT? Mmm ... I do. I was such a tomboy, and I really didn’t dig doing anything girly, like sewing, or braiding hair, so one of my friends and I would skip our girl scout meetings each week and spend our “dues” money on ice cream and French fries. They were the best fries ever, worth the price of getting kicked out of girl scouts. But, it’s never good to lie, and owing $67 for stealing our dues money, I’d say it wasn’t the best choice. Lesson learned.

Sleeping Ended My Piano Career

Once upon a time, I recorded my piano lesson on a cassette tape, played it on my boom box, jumped on my bed and took a little nap. Good ole’ mom thought she would come to tell me what a wonderful job I was doing, and caught me sleeping. That pretty much ended my parents hope in me playing the piano. Hey, I was only eight years old. No judging!

I’m Dyslexic

If you hear me stutter, or mess up an event just laugh and say, “that’s T Rock, she has her own language!” It’s called Traci talk.

I’m a Single Mom of Four

Daylon, 27, who is about to be married in April 2019. Jesse, 25, and is married. Katjana, 20 and D’Artagnan 15.

Last, but Certainly not Least, My Last Name Really is Rock

It’s not a radio name, it’s a God-given name. Blessed beyond measure to belong to the Rock family.

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Traci Rock! A few red flags, but overall … it’s all good!

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