Pretty much everyone knows that Colorado is the Centennial State and Denver is known as the Mile High City. Did you know that other towns in our great state have their own nicknames and sayings? Let's take a look.


You'll want to stop at the grocery store to pick up a jar of peanut butter before visiting Arvada.

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This silver mining boom town gets its nickname from a poem by Cy Warman:

Here's a land where all are equal / Of high or lowly birth - / A land where men make millions / Dug from the dreary earth. / Here meek and mild eyed burros  / On mineral mountains feed, / It's day all day in the day-time  And there is no night in Creede. / The cliffs are solid silver / With wondrous wealth untold, / And the beds of running rivers /
Are lined with purest gold. / While the world is filled with sorrow, / And hearts must break and bleed, / It's day all day in the day-time / And there is no night in Creede.


We're in for the beef and beans, maybe not the beets.

You too can visit the town that the cartoon is based on.

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No, really! There is a frozen dead guy who resides in Nederland.

If you've never been to Switzerland, Ouray will have to do.

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The nickname stems from the harrowing journey it took to get to Telluride back in the mining days.