Grand Junction is just like me when it comes to their pet's nicknames. My pet has one real name and about 100 hundred nicknames, most of which don't makes sense. These are Grand Junction's nicknames for their pets and their real names too.

My cat's name is Jax, but his nicknames include:

  • Diego, Inigo Montoya, Jaxaroni and Brochacho

I'm not the only one that has crazy nicknames for my cat. Here's Grand Junction's nicknames for their pets vs. their real names.

I can relate to Lily because her nickname for her pet, has nothing to do with its real name -- Boots.

I laughed so hard whenever I read this. The dog's face makes it even better. 'Yes, yes I am Mr. Puppy Pants.'

This pup only goes by her nickname, until she gets in trouble.

Sometimes the pet's bad behavior is what gives them their nickname. McKenzie's husbanded decided that since their pet pees on everything so now it's their nickname.

Here's another example of how your pet's nickname is truly from their behavior.

This is what true love looks like. Their pet has adorable nicknames like handsome face but also has a nickname like garbage gut - or just a bunch of high pitched noises. (Which I do often.)

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