If you're like me, you've got a few nicknames. I wanted to see what kind of nicknames people call you and you've definitely got some crazy ones. These are Grand Junction's best nicknames.

Just a few of my nicknames include Leesha, Keesha, Leesha and Condaleesha Rice. Now that I've asked you on our Facebook, let's take a look at yours.

I'm not sure how Laura turns into these, but something tells me Laura has a very bright and bubbly personality.

I love this nickname. I'm sure anyone with this nickname doesn't mind, I know I wouldn't.

Honestly, I was just waiting for someone to reply with this. It was the first thing I thought of.

Even though Sasquatch is a cool nickname and all, but I had to ask James a question. With a last name like that, are you sure there's not another nickname you've got? And according to him, there is, there definitely is.

I laughed out loud reading this one. I call my cat Inigo Montoya all the time. It's an awesome nickname and anyone with it should be honored.

Grand Junctionites, you've got a lot more nicknames, like these ones.

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