Every big city has a clever slogan/nickname that goes along with the city.

New York has the Big Apple, New Orleans is the Big Easy. Las Vegas is even known as Sin City.

So why doesn't Grand Junction have a cool slogan/nickname that we can all be proud of? I love this valley, that's one of the reasons I have been here my whole life. I definitely think that we need something catchy to go along with our awesome city.

So let's get right to it. What kind of slogan/nickname would we give our awesome city? Would you go with something about the monument? Or how about the fact that we have some of the best wineries in the United States. That could be a big part of it.

We all know what the usual funny ones are. I'm talking about Junktown, Hiketopia, University City. Let's try and stay away from those ones. We need something that the whole community can get behind.

Let's make this interesting and vote for the very best slogan/nickname for this wonderful city.

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