It usually takes a while to receive your diploma after graduating, but not this long. This diploma from Colorado Mesa University was returned by the post office after over 30 years.

I remember waiting months to receive my piece of paper for going to college -- my diploma. It took me months to get mine in the mail, not years.

Tim Foster, the President of Colorado Mesa University, posted a throwback from the 80s on his Twitter. His tweet states that CMU mailed this diploma to a student in July of 1987. The post office returned it today, stating it was undeliverable.

I'm not sure how 32 years went by with this diploma just floating around, or maybe it was trapped somewhere. If I earned that diploma, I wouldn't wait over 30 years to figure out where it was.

I can only hope that the owner of this diploma will eventually get to experience opening that envelope and being overcome with a huge smile. Can you just pick it up at CMU? (I would.)

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