I'm tired of interrupting my workout to find the perfect work out music. So I made a playlist with the best jams for crushing reps at the gym, with no skips involved.

I really don't like being the person that stops everything they're doing at the gym to find that perfect song and as of right now, I won't be anymore. This Spotify playlist has lots and lots of different kinds of music, everything from Drake, to Destiny's Child, to A Day to Remember. There's a little more than 1 hour and 20 minutes worth of music, I'd say that's plenty of time to get in a good workout -- or two.

Since I can't listen to slow music while I'm trying to act like I actually enjoy running on the treadmill, there is nothing too slow on this playlist. I can't get into my workout with slow music, but I will totally be in my workout while I"m listening to 'Bootylicious.' Which of course, I put on the playlist.

There's a nice mix of new and older music on the No Skip Gym playlist. There's nothing like doing leg curls to some Biggie Smalls. This playlist is upbeat, eclectic and is most definitely what I'll be listening to at Crossroads tonight.

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