Doesn't matter if you're crafty, fun loving, or conniving, there's a lot of ways for you to you to celebrate National Button Day on Friday in Grand Junction.

  • Play on, Player


    Some of the most satisfying buttons to push, are the ones of a gaming console. You could always play some GTA or Battlefield like I do, or head to the arcade at Bananas.

  • Push Your Partner's Buttons


    You must be really bored and looking for the closest button to you. Right next to you, there's a bunch. You already know what makes your partner mad and all you have to do -- is just press.

  • Get Your Thrift On

    Getty Images

    Any of these thrift stores will do to get your button fix. Doesn't matter if you plan to sew them, frame them or just collect them. Thrift stores have buttons of all kinds.

  • Turn It On


    A very easy button to press is the button that turns on your radio. I hear there's a lot of great music and personality on there. If you turn on any Alexa-enabled device, you can also yell (or ask nicely) to play your favorite station too. (Which is clearly us.)

  • Unbutton the Buttons


    Buttons seem to be all over the place, on jackets, shirts and even pants. If you want to unbutton your own buttons, most people do. If you want to unbutton someone else's buttons, beginning from the top or bottom is completely up to you.